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Class orientated anarchists

meeting point in Belgrade during PGA conference

Dear comrades,

During the PGA conference that will take place in Belgrade, Serbia from 23rd till 29th July of this year, the Belgrade local group of Union Confederation "Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative" will turn our new project: Belgrade Athenaeum - Workers cultural center into a meeting point for class orientated anarchists. Athenaeum will be a place where anarchists can meet each other while staying in Belgrade. If need arises, Athenaeum will be used for organizing discussions on topics that could be of interest to the comrades. Also, our Local group will help with organizing of cooking and housing for comrades who may be left without it.

Because of the safety reasons (gangs of skinheads already talked about making a "visit" to the PGA conference), we are not going to provide the physical address of Athenaeum in this message. You can contact us by using our E-mail contact and we'll send you back telephone numbers of comrades who will take care of you when you reach Belgrade.

See you soon!

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