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Novi Sad: Police rescues Nazis from antifascist rage

On October 7th, in Novi Sad(1), an undisrupted celebration of the birthday of the Nazi murderer Heinrich Himmler, directed by Goran Davidovic "Führer"(2) and his followers from the "National front" was stopped. Members of the Union Confederation "Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative" (ASI) from Novi Sad, Kula and Belgrade actively participated in the antifascist block which, clearly separated from the liberals and politicians(3), was ready to stop the fascists by any means. Under the banners "Against fascism, by any means necessary", "They will not pass", "Death to fascism - Death to privatization" and "Those who don't want to fight capitalism, should be silent about fascism", antifascist block of more than 250 people, which was formed, apart from ASI, by activists of several other antifascists, antiauthoritarian and revolutionary collectives, as well as antifascist football fans, blocked the road that announced Nazi march should have taken, and than lead the antifascist demonstrations towards the monument of Jasa Tomic.

At the Tomic monument we waited for Nazi scum, which announced it's gathering at that point at 17h. But, since the fascists didn't show up, we continued the protest walk towards the monument of the people killed by the Nazis in Novi Sad in 1942. While the demonstrations were passing by the beer hall which is part of the building of the Serbian Army, some thirty neo-nazis, hidden behind the fence of the beer hall backyard and two lines of gendarmerie, climbed up the fence and started provoking antifascists by raising hands in Nazi style and yelling "Sieg Heil!" The angry antifascists mass responded to this with very loud chanting of: "We will kill Nazis", "This is the graveyard of fascism" and "Goran, Follow your führer, and kill yourself"

In that moment, clearly annoyed, neo-nazis started attacking the demonstrations with rocks and pieces of wood from the beer hall backyard. Antifascists responding to neo-nazis in a solid and brave way. But once again the State showed that it's keeping its right eye shut. Fascists were protected by police cordons, and it was not allowed to antifascists to deal with them in the way we always did here. Few that managed to break the cordon and hit the enemies where it hurts, were beaten up by the police, and two antifascist comrades were arrested. Police reacted against the neo-nazis only in the moment when a huge rock, thrown from the beer hall backyard, hit one of the cops from the cordon in the head. After that everything was over quickly and the neo-nazis were arrested. Then the demonstrations continued to the monument of the people killed by the Nazis. After the demonstrations, we were informed that some forty members of the looser clero-fascist organization "Obraz" were hiding in the backyard of the nearby church.

The actions of the police during the antifascist demonstrations, as well as their later behavior toward our arrested comrades, which were tortured in different ways in the police station, confirms what ASI was always pointing out to. Fascism, as the most extreme version of the capitalist ideology will always serve as a joker card that the ruling class can play in the moment when the working class is strong enough to shake its power. Because of that, the State being an institution whose only role is to keep the governance of the class of the exploiters, will never work on total destruction of Nazi-fascist groups and organizations. And because of that, the calls of the liberals and politicians for stronger State reaction against the Nazis are totally missed out, and are witnesses of a very low level of consciousness and lack of understanding of reality within the representatives of the so called civil society in Serbia. Fight against fascism starts with a fight against capitalism and the State!

Against fascism, by any means necessary!

Death to fascism, freedom to the people!

ASI Secretariat for the communication with the media

(1) One of the largest Serbian cities and capital of Vojvodina region.
(2) Serbian neo-nazi leader.
(3) Some 5000 people gathered on the citizen antifascist demonstrations "Stop Fascism", organized as a response to the announced Nazi march.

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